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Founder/ CEO of Kem Arts. I have been on my Spiritual Journey over 25 years and founded this company 6 years ago with the hopes of enlightening individuals on their own spiritual journey’s.

Lukisha Williams


Partner CEO/CFO of Kem Arts. I have sat and watched my mother work for the system for so many years. To see her finally be in her element and living her true purpose, it is my only hope to help her achieve that in any way I can. I consider myself the “Right hand woman” because I get things done! Future MBA is where I see myself within the next year and have plenty of experience with helping run a business.

Khaina Williams



Greetings Kings & QueensThankh you. Appreciate you. 
I am Self Made Entrepreneur, Influencer, Motivational Speaker. My Mission is Love to assist Humanity Safely in raising our vibration to Align with Mother Earth Natural Planet through Our Spiritual Awakening The Consciousness & Self Awareness of All Humanity. 
May Our Life experiences  be empowering, uplifting, motivating & inspiring the Self to reach your Higher Self/The Most High Creator/Source/God as we journey through Life expressing our Spiritual Divine Beings in Physical Form. 
Each one teach one, Each one reach one. As I heal we all heal. Everyone Heals. My Motto - Energy is truly everything. 
I offer Intuitive Tarot Readings, Long Distance Reiki, Spiritual Guidance, Influencer Events. Discover your Birth Card, Life Purpose, SoulMate, Twin Flame & Karmic Kinnections with ppl places & things (thoughts) in your Sphere of Influence. 
My Professional Background include Nursing of 25 years, Self Taught in Herbal & Wholistic Health, Knowledge in Yoni Steams & Ionic Foot Detox. Previous Realtor & Hairstylist. 
Master Writer of Vibration, Poetry, Emotional Intelligence & Intellectual Thoughts of 21+ years. I am a Certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master. I am Taurus ♉️ Sun in Venus, Aries ♈️ ASC, Sagittarius ♐️ Moon. 



GREETINGS GREETINGS GREETINGS! Welcome to your “one stop” shop in all things Spiritual. Let’s elevate higher and keep our spirits lighter! I hope you all enjoy the page and find exactly what you’re looking for at the right moment and right time..PEACE, LOVE, and HARMONY.


Experience You Can Trust



Get balanced with an amazing session filled with positive energy. Open your chakras and elevate your soul to powers beyond imagine. Paired with a weekly Reiki session, you're sure to optimize our possibilities and open a more creative and success driven mindset.



This has become one of my most popular services, with clients from near and far scheduling sessions with me. During this special service, clients will be able to connect with their own spiritual guides and angels, to form a connection with the divine world. Curious to learn more? Get in touch with me to see how you can benefit from working with me today.

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Your Questions, Answered


All Private readings are pre-recorded and send by private video link to your email within 3-5 days and under certain circumstances, may take up to 7 days!! No FaceTime or Zoom. Remember to attach Questions. 
*Please keep in mind that these services are intended for entertainment purposes only. If you have real life situations that require professional attention, please consult them. Always following your own intuition no matter what may be said in your reading. Spirit may not answer your questions in the way you see fit at the moment and time you're reading is delivered.*

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